About Steve Angstrom

Steve Angstrom makes music ranging from evocative film soundtracks through retro-sordid fuzz-bass toward a solid breakbeat infused after-club meltdown, lie down in a dark room music. Since 1990 he has been obsessed with synthesis, sound creation and programming.

Steve Angstrom in the Pink Museum, 1993

A long time ago in a studio far away. Putting shamanic techno through a rather nice Neve desk.

He was previously a member of TimeShard who were famed for their innovative dub/dance they exploded onto the UK festival circuit at the beggining of the 90’s and went on to melt crowds in venues across Europe.   Signed to PlanetDog records, famed for their MegaDog nights and psychedelic dance oriented releases. TimeShard spanned dance, dub, tribal and psychedelic to produce a new and distinctive sound on the UK music scene, they were active from 1992 to 2000.


Now Steve Angstrom releases solo work in a number of styles, dirty-retro, trip-jizz, deep-flake, ambilunch, annoying-beat, perv-bass. Satisfyingly unable to categorise his own music, but fully capable of talking about himself in the third person.


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