Retro 90s Acid Techno fun

Going back to my roots with some acid techno in 90s style, though in TimeShard we never kept things this simple – we always threw hundreds of samples and riffs at a track. Making it on Eurorack is fun, I tried to keep it to my portable system which is the case you see me […]

Performance – Between Stations

During my Japanese Artist Residency I recorded this ambient performance exploring the dreamlike state created by the Tokyo area metro trains, with commuters hypnotised between stations. Lost in their singular dreams though travelling together in a communal trance. Each night as my train carried me away from the neon metropolis and toward the satellite cities. […]

Steve Angstrom – Live at Bearded Theory Festival May 2022

They said it was impossible to go back in time, to recapture the past – they said I was crazy to try, but what do those voices in my head know!? On May 29th I’ll be performing at Bearded Theory Festival with a bunch of tunes from the Archives, at least half of them will […]

Holographic Fool (released version)

Here’s a track off my retrospective EP Recovered Artifacts 93′- 97′ available on Vinyl via all good record stockists, etc. Though they are sold out most places, so if you want one you might need to try a few places. Anyway… This track is Holographic Fool, I made a video and ran it through some […]

Steve Angstrom EP (Vinyl) – Recovered Artifacts 93′- 97′

My EP of lost tracks recorded between 1993 and 1997, when I was in TimeShard. Now recovered and released on Sleepers Records. Available now to buy from these stockists,SLPR010.html

Live performance at OHM

A little while back I did a gig at Berlin’s fabulous OHM for SLEEPERS, where I performed the tracks from my EP, but also a bunch more. 16 songs. Here’s a recording of the performance. Live recording from Recovered Artefacts ’93 – ’97 launch party, Ohm Club Berlin. You can tell it’s all very live […]

StarBilliard [Live jam]

To celebrate the upcoming release of my EP (Recovered Artefacts) on Sleepers Records I’m exploring each song in a live jam. This is song number #4 on that EP, titled StarBilliard. This version is very different from the one which appears on the EP … which was recorded in the early 90s but using a […]

February’s Lost Child [live jam version]

A live performance of February’s Lost Child, quite different from the one out soon on the EP from SLEEPERS. This version is jammed in real time with a BeatStep Pro, an MS20 mk 2, a Boog, A MonoPoly, and some eurorack stuff . It’s what happened, it got dark.

Holographic Fool [ambient jam version]

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Recovered Artifacts 93′ – 97′ on Sleepers Records … I decided to explore variations on each track in a series of live jams. Here’s track #1 – Holographic Fool – in a very different form than it appears on vinyl. Hope you enjoy it!