Steve Angstrom & Beau Beaumont


Beau Beaumont and Steve Angstrom are Liverpool-based composers and performers. Each with varied histories spanning commissions and performances for The Royal Opera House, Nike, Tate Gallery, Glastonbury, BBC Radio 1 and Red Bull Music, to name but a few. With support from Metal Culture and FACT Liverpool the pair have teamed up to produce new experimental works exploring social changes and transforming these into layered sonic collages.

Beau Beaumont is an artist and composer exploring the experimental realm of music. Her works traverse ideas surrounding physical place, a means of connection mediated through synthesis, computation, field recording and coding; carving out thought provoking and left of centre performances. Beau is a resident on NTS Radio, often focusing on psychoacoustics and differing recording techniques to create experiences that imply and challenge the notion of music as an art form. Recent commissions, scores and solo exhibitions include The Royal Opera House, Nike and Tate Gallery.

Steve Angstrom has been creating electronic music since 1988. Underground, experimental, ambient and with a distinctive groove. Noted as an “innovator in the UK electronic dance underground”. Performing across Europe he built up an enviable following both cult and crossover. Since then he’s evolved into a cultural remixer. As a sonic social anthropologist his works have spanned theatre, film, ambient and dancefloor with recent retrospective releases in box set on Cherry Red Records and Sleepers. Steve has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and is using it to inform his works, moving towards ambient and experimental compositions.


We will be in Japan for a two month arts residency from July 1st to September 1st – at Paradise AIR in Matsudo to compose music for live performance and exhibit exploration, using modular synthesis and field recording techniques.


NTS Live radio performance Part 1 (2023)
(experimental, electronic, process music)


NTS Live radio performance Part 2 (2023)
(experimental, electronic, process music)

Discipline -Live Performance NTS Radio (extract) [2023] – Collaborative work with Beau Beaumont