Steve Angstrom


Steve Angstrom has been creating electronic music since 1988. Underground, experimental, ambient and with a distinctive groove.

In 1989 Steve co-founded TimeShard, noted as innovators in the UK electronic dance underground during the ‘second summer of love’. Performing at festivals and live events throughout the 90s and releasing on cultural touchstone label Planet Dog he built up an enviable following both cult and crossover. Since then he’s evolved into a cultural remixer. As a sonic social anthropologist his works have spanned theatre, film, ambient and dancefloor with recent retrospective releases in box set on Cherry Red Records and Sleepers.

Steve has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and is using it to inform his works, moving towards ambient and experimental compositions.

Currently he is working alongside composer and sound artist Beau Beaumont they have been commissioned to produce new work and live performances together. Exploring the philosophical maxim that “you can never step into the same river twice”. Everything is in Flux.


STEVE ANGSTROM/ Never Know (Unreleased 2023)
(downtempo, fractured beats, ambient bass, abstract grooves)

STEVE ANGSTROM/ Make It Count (2012)
(jazz, drum & bass, glitch)

STEVE ANGSTROM/ Recovered Artifacts 93′- 97 [needle drop] (Discogs)


Recent releases have included two retrospectives, Steve Angstrom– Recovered Artifacts 93′- 97′ and The Planet Dog Years on Cherry Red Records

Holographic Fool [1997] released SLEEPERS records 2020

Discipline -Live Performance NTS Radio (extract) [2023] – Collaborative work with Beau Beaumont


    • “Absolutely gear if you ask me! I’ve got his cassettes in my car which I listen to an awful lot”
      John Peel – April 1994

    • “Steve’s music is put together with wit and skill, it betrays Liverpool’s long obsession with psychedelic music uprooted and planted in Techno’s fertile soil”
      Ben Willmott NME 1994

    • “There is awe inspiring work here. It oscillates quickly, oscillates languorously, it hums thumps and purrs.”
      David Bennun – Melody Maker.1994

    • “Steve Angstrom (sitar and Ripping Noises) is happy to act up in his on-stage habitat which resembles a science lab lifted wholesale from Doctor Who circa 1975”
      Ben Willmott NME 1996