Holographic Fool (released version)

Here’s a track off my retrospective EP Recovered Artifacts 93′- 97′ available on Vinyl via all good record stockists, etc. Though they are sold out most places, so if you want one you might need to try a few places. Anyway…

This track is Holographic Fool, I made a video and ran it through some trickery to make it look like you dropped your spectacles in LSD.

Steve Angstrom EP (Vinyl) – Recovered Artifacts 93′- 97′

Steve Angstrom Vinyl EP cover

My EP of lost tracks recorded between 1993 and 1997, when I was in TimeShard. Now recovered and released on Sleepers Records.

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Live performance at OHM

A little while back I did a gig at Berlin’s fabulous OHM for SLEEPERS, where I performed the tracks from my EP, but also a bunch more. 16 songs.

Here’s a recording of the performance. Live recording from Recovered Artefacts ’93 – ’97 launch party, Ohm Club Berlin. You can tell it’s all very live because the synths go sliiightly out of tune halfway through! Then back in again. That’s old technology for you.

The tracks sound good, even if I say so myself. Take a listen

StarBilliard [Live jam]

To celebrate the upcoming release of my EP (Recovered Artefacts) on Sleepers Records I’m exploring each song in a live jam. This is song number #4 on that EP, titled StarBilliard.

This version is very different from the one which appears on the EP … which was recorded in the early 90s but using a lot of the same equipment.

As you are here there’s a good chance you are a synth nerd, so I’ll explain exactly where the noises come from.
At the very start there’s a swooshing synth pad noise coming from an SY85 just out of the bottom of the shot, it’s not getting used much.

The first notes I play are on an Arturia MicroFreak.

The Drums are programmed on that white thing with all the buttons, that’s called a BeatStep Pro, the bassline is partly MIDI in Ableton live which is synced to the Beatstep, then it’s sent to that Synth just above the white slab. That’s where the bass noise comes from.

The Drum noises are samples, the sound and shape of which are modifed by the stack of boxes up to the top left. There are effect sends to sent the echoes, synths, drums and bass, as I decide it – to the Eurorack, and also to the MS20 synth. That’s all being sent the being sent out of a patchbay and routed to the stack of boxes up there.

Those boxes are also playing the dit-dit-dit- distorted echoey beep noises.

There’s a foot pedal on the floor which helps me switch sounds when my hands are full.

I play the same riff as I play at the start on my Korg MonoPoly, which is a bif old Analog synth.

February’s Lost Child [live jam version]

A live performance of February’s Lost Child, quite different from the one out soon on the EP from SLEEPERS. This version is jammed in real time with a BeatStep Pro, an MS20 mk 2, a Boog, A MonoPoly, and some eurorack stuff . It’s what happened, it got dark.

Holographic Fool [ambient jam version]

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Recovered Artifacts 93′ – 97′ on Sleepers Records … I decided to explore variations on each track in a series of live jams. Here’s track #1 – Holographic Fool – in a very different form than it appears on vinyl. Hope you enjoy it!

Steve Angstrom – Recovered Artifacts 93′ – 97′ [SLEEPERS10]

SLEEPERS 10 now available for pre order from Triple Vision and online shops soon. https://distribution.triplevision.nl/release/SLPR010/

A collection of 6 tracks rescued from the archives, over 25 years ago I wrote a lot of tracks which were at the same time I was touring and releasing with the band TimeShard . Some tracks I was asked to make for art projects and installations, or were explorations which somehow got buried.

SLEEPERS Records asked me to look through the archives and together we picked out our favourite 6 from the weird and disparate sounds on offer.

These tracks represent very well what I was creating for the early 90s free festival and party scene. Now you can have a taste of the weird and wonderful haphazard sounds I was making.

Steve Angstrom – Recovered Artifacts 93′ – 97′ [SLEEPERS]

SLEEPERS 10 now available for pre order from Triple Vision and online shops soon. https://distribution.triplevision.nl/release/SLPR010/

Where the time goes

I tell myself I’m writing songs but no song is 4 hours long.  It’s a great space to be in though and some amazing moments happen.