The Myriadic



A drifting pounding throwback uptempo trancing journey. perfect for dancefloors full of people from the 90s, the 1990s or the 1890s. It’s a throwback and it’s a 135BPM track

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The myriadic is a drifting pounding throwback uptempo trancing journey.

This track has evolved in my live set, as I perform it on stage it’s slowly developed its own personality.  Initially it began from a bunch of old tapes which I unearthed for my releases on Sleepers records. This track though was too fragmentary, but I put it into my sequencers and began to play it live and it slowly found its feet. As time progressed I added some extra parts, the high stabby chords, the strange bending noises in the later section, the analog processed drums and the heavier beat.   All of that is as a consequence of my live performance setup.

So, I recorded a live performance of the song as I’ve been playing it live, and here it is!