A Personal Journey Through Creative Innovation

In the realm of artistic exploration there are moments when a helping hand can be the catalyst for remarkable transformation. For me, that transformative spark arrived in the form of a grant from the Arts Council of England, a golden opportunity to breathe new life into my creative journey as I wrestle with integrating big […]

Some advice on applying for a DYCP

A DYCP is a UK arts grant for “Developing Your Creative Practice’. It’s often misunderstood and so the applications are usually terrible (I read a bunch before I applied for mine). This is a quick helper for anyone applying to the Arts Council of England (ACE) for a Developing Your Creative Practice grant (DYCP). I […]

Steve Angstrom Artist In Residence at Metal Culture

Steve Angstrom and Beau Beaumont

I’m very delighted to tell you all that I’m an Artist in Residence at Metal Liverpool for the next few months. I’m double pleased because it’s alongside my creative collaborator the amazing Beau Beaumont. Our joint residency allows us to explore our practice and develop a project we’ve been working towards for a while. https://metalculture.com/…/beau-beaumont-steve-angstrom/ […]

Live performance at OHM

A little while back I did a gig at Berlin’s fabulous OHM for SLEEPERS, where I performed the tracks from my EP, but also a bunch more. 16 songs. Here’s a recording of the performance. Live recording from Recovered Artefacts ’93 – ’97 launch party, Ohm Club Berlin. You can tell it’s all very live […]

Where the time goes

I tell myself I’m writing songs but no song is 4 hours long.  It’s a great space to be in though and some amazing moments happen.