Some good news and some bad news

Trigger Warning for Neurological conditions ….


The bad news first, straight to the point: I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Those who have seen me in person may have noticed, because I’ve had symptoms for a long time. It’s been 6 years since I first was impacted, though I’ve hidden it masterfully! I’ve had a provisional diagnosis for a while which was confirmed by brain scans etc last year (2022). So, this is why I’ve not been gigging or releasing so much the past 12 months as I needed to take stock of the change.

I’m making this post because I wanted people to hear it from me first rather than it coming out of left-field. My upcoming works (and any press) will likely reference Parkinson’s, so it seemed right to be open about it now.

As for how it affects me; I have an uncontrollable tremor which affects my dexterity and movement speed, especially in my right hand. I’ve always enjoyed playing electronic music live and playing high tempo music requires fast dexterous hands. So, there’s a problem to solve.

So now some good news.

For the past 6 months I’ve been focusing on lower tempo music, more ambient, as it’s now more my speed! I’ve developed a new performance style and I played my first gig a month ago and it went great. Random hand movements are part of my sound now 😉

Also, I have my fantastic ambient music collaboration with Beau Beaumont, a very experienced and talented ambient artist with a background of impressive works. Together we are working on an EP, Album, tour and a residency in Japan are all in the works.

So, that’s my update and remember that these hard changes which are forced upon all of us can (sometimes) result in great outcomes.