Expectation Gap


electric piano riffs fracture over a pulsing bassline, then a horn part makes us all calm down

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Production notes: the electric piano part was actually played live on top of the programmed drums in the first section (before the horns come in).  There’s a cunning technique to this – if you pay attention to the one time the piano plays slowly during the horn section, that’s very similar to what I actually play, there are three parts like that (slow and playable) all the other choppy fractured parts you hear elsewhere in the song are manipulated versions of those three parts. So I play the real part and then I use a controller to retrigger and re-pitch what I just played in. I can also choose to start the re-triggered part I originally played from any point in the bar. That’s why it sounds so odd.  Perhaps one day I will make a tutorial how to do this. then you can make your own version of this song 😉

As a side note – the horn part was influenced by childhood memories of the Thames Tv ident music. For old British people who know what that means