Ableton guitar amp simulation and effects

I have been using Ableton’s built in effects for guitar recently and despite owning a few other VST based sims I’ve found the Ableton effects in racks to be much more useful, because of the ability to shape them to my requirements.

So, I’ve provided four of my (many) guitar amp experiment racks for you to download here.

Guitar Amp Ableton Audio Examples

In these I use the same short loop of me playing guitar badly and then for each “ampI tweak the provided macro dials to show the variations each amp can reach.
Dual Crunch Amp

Clean / Dirty hilo Amp

Pro Vib Amp

Twang and Fuzz Amp

Investigating the sounds of Ableton Guitar Amps & Sims

Initially I found the “amp” and “cabinet” which Ableton include to be a little underwhelming yet I know they are licensed in from well regarded company Softube. So I decided a few months ago to investigate more fully.  What I discovered is that if I “Bi-Amp” then it’s possible to get a rack which responds better to different playing techniques, has a more intriguing variance over the dynamic range and also has a more interesting sound across the stereo field.

So here are the four effect racks all wrapped up inside a live set, just for handiness. Please note that if you say “why isn’t this making any noise” you may have to check your input routings 😉

ableton set guitar-amps-examples

You can obviously use these on any material, not just guitar.