BLOG : Free Ableton Live Pack – Xmas Presets

Free Ableton Live pack.  To celebrate the festive season here’s a bunch of FREE & amazing instrument racks featuring Ableton’s Operator instrument

Ten free Instrument Racks for Ableton Live

These racks come from an upcoming pack called Vintage Operators, which uses Ableton’s Operator synth to make vintage inspired synth sounds reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s.   Yes, it’s a weird idea.  The full pack contains over 120 live racks featuring Operator with 21 leads, 28 basses, 34 “keyboard” patches, FX synth patches and more.

Anyway, that’s another story, here’s your Xmas Presets (Free!)

ableton set Download Free Ableton Live Pack


Audio Preview

The Presets

  1. Sub Dub Bass 4 – A deep bass guitar, potentially used in Dub but in the audio demo I play something a bit funkier with it
  2. CV Funkbass X – A funky wah bass sound. Some trickery gives it a designed unstable sound making it seem like your CV has problems!
  3. Super Deep Juno Bass – a multi saw bass. Using stacked voices to get something in the style of a Juno bass, but deeper.
  4. Italian Space Organ – it’s a Farfisa sound with a bunch of weird reverb. Here its demoed with a recreation of a J.M. Jarre Oxygene riff.
  5. 80’s belltones – a classic FM use but here I stack the Operators so one chain handles dissonance / atonality and the other the consonance / tonality.
  6. Strange Piano – its a dark electric piano type sound with analog synthetic overtones.
  7. Crumpen Slammer – it makes feedback distorted guitar type noises when you lift a key.  Well, not really but it’s that kind of sound.
  8. 70s Pad and Lead – Jarre style pad and lead. Powerful mapping allows you to crossfade the voices and play pads and leads with deep control
  9. Traditional Unconvincing Flute – an analog synth style flute.  Occasionally 1970’s era Tangerine dream would use something like this.
  10. Chu’s Store – sample and hold effects – based slightly around Vangelis’s work on Blade runner. Especially Chu’s Store!

ableton set Download The Free Ableton Live Pack- Xmas Presets

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