Electronic flute and crackling shuffling beats in this jazzy downtempo thing which changes mood halfway through (at 2:54)

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Production Notes: One thing you might notice is the “bonus breaks” section at the end of this song (just when you think it has finished), all of a sudden the robot drummer decides to start up again but this time in an even more fractured manner. I confess that hat happened was when I was creating the drums for the rest of the song I kept taking the programming too extreme and had to exile a 4 bar chunk to the end of the arrangement and try writing a new part. Well, when I played the arrangement back I heard all the overdone drums at the end and liked them. Of course, there was still no place for them in the song itself so I determined to abandon convention and allow them to exist as an island. All on their own.  The Island of Doctor Moreau’s Beats.