Steve Angstrom – live performance at Ohm Tresor Berlin 8th Sept

I’ll be live in performance in Berlin on the 8th of September, come along!

This set is all comprised of reclaimed music from the 90s which I recorded onto old DAT tapes and 8 tracks, then put into deep storage for 20 years.
They are due to be released on Sleepers Records as “Steve Angstrom -Sleepers Recovered Artefacts ’93 – ’97”.

To celebrate the release I’m performing those songs and also a bunch more live on
To perform them live I’ve spent months trying to figure out what I played and then re-creating those basslines and drum parts and entering them into my newfangled hardware sequencers. All live and mostly analog make sure you check out Steve Angstrom Live in Berlin at the Ohm club

Tickets available here :